Playground - Projected Completion Time - 5/5/17

This playground environment was created as part of an art test for a simulation design lab. I decided to keep working on it, as I had more fun than expected in its creation. Snapshots are from Unreal Engine, and the assets were made in Maya and the Substance suite.

This scene was created in 3 modular playground pieces, with the intention of letting future users be able to move and replicate pieces around to create their own sets. This particular scene was created in 3 different sets, with each set being ~2000 tris. 


The BSP placed is for testing out how I plan on continuing the scene, with a cityscape of sorts and trees to be added along the way. 


The mulch was made with a white mask using the CheapContrast node to add a sense of depth to mimic sand between the piles. I also added a height map to give it a sense of depth. 


I converted the constants to parameters to be able to control the color and hue of the brick material, as well as how reflective it is, depending on what weather I decide to go with for the scene. 


BSP used to test the space. 


I added streaks of roughness, depending on where weather in the scene would effect the humidity of it's wear and tear. 

I'm planning on adding trees, grunge decals for the concrete or brick walls (to replace the BSP) as well as fluttering trash, with an animated material applied to bring life to the scene.